UnderRated, yeah you are the greatest
I won’t even listen to all them haters
Talk bout another rapper they don’t even know
But then again I bet they come to your shows

But don’t you forget there’s another little Jew
In this industry that can rhyme like you
3 Minute Miracle, I loved that shit
And that’s why I’m doing this to show you it’s

Possible to go another minute when you’re in it
If I wanna win it then I’m gonna show you that I mean it
And I don’t wanna be seated so I’m standing undefeated
And you better be conceded if you thinking that I cheated

All them muthafuckas talkin’ like they were the real thing
Couldn’t even go one minute but I’m sure they feel me
Some may wanna be me, they can’t even see me
Like John Cena Imma show you what I can be

Potentially I’m deadly, still all your females love me
And so you see suddenly eventually they will leave
They leaving you for me now and I can not really see how
You compare to me cause I think that you can really feel me now

You can try but I guarantee you
UnderRated and myself will defeat you
We’re the best in this industry so you gonna see
That we’re gonna beat you cause we’re lethal

Ain’t nobody better boy you better be ready
Cause you ain’t ballin’ bitch you falling like a handful of confetti
It don’t matter if you’re ready, Imma fight till I get sweaty
I don’t wanna see another brotha tryna come and get me

(016!) That’s the area!
Come at me here and I promise I will bury ya
E-town is the nickname, and I know it’s so lame
But I’m guessing it’s there only not to worry ya

Calling me a warrior is not quite fine
But attack at me and I will break your spine
Stealing your chick then laugh when you’re cryin’
Then have divine sex with your ex all night

See what I mean is this, now you’ve got some competition
I ain’t backing down, homie, you know that I’m on a mission
My town is Sweden’s Humboldt County, better recognize
Now it’s time to realize that you all been closin’ your eyes

I ain’t doin’ any favors, I’m not tryna be your friend
Not gonna defend any of your trends
I’m just gonna be myself, never landing on the shelf
Getting all my wishes like I’m getting help from an elf

Santa’s little workshop, my own studio
Getting good, I gotta go
Ain’t no goodies gotta know, gotta get it while I’m on the go
Ain’t nobody showin’ that they gettin’ gold

Fame or no fame, it’s all the same
I don’t wanna claim the game while getting all the blame
I don’t wanna fly sky high
If I don’t see the point then why even try

Xersize with deliciousness
I’m coming in to deliver some viciousness
So everybody please sit down and listen to this
Cause for some reason some people be dissin’ my shit

But I don’t give a damn,
They just dissin’ me cause I’m better than they are
You think you’re a star, but you fallin’ so far
That nobody gonna notice when you’re spittin’ your bars

If you think you’re anything, come and test me
Ain’t nothing you can do to impress me
Gods from all religions have blessed me
With this talent, I’m the best MC

Or at least top 3
Number 2 is underrated, number one is kinda shady
Better believe I’m telling you you’re gonna see
A beast inside of me that’s been freed

I’m unleashing this meat on the vegans
Terrorizing the streets like a mean man
Eating rappers alive like a fiend, and
Never backing down from the beef, Imma beat them

I snatch your wristwatch and then run away after strapping it to my leg
Metaphorically speaking, your time is running out so you better beg
So what you gonna do to me, you can’t see what I bring when I’m coming to the table
Homie you ain’t able to rap like me, I’m a beast, a freak that was locked in a stable

Now I’m coming out, I’ve been freed, I’m bursting the flames, seducing the dames
I don’t play no games on you gay ass lames, try to tame me and I’ll make you feel the shame
The game ain’t gonna be the same when I’m through with this, it’s ridiculous
Everybody loving me like I’m Saint Nicholas on Christmas

Xersize on the track, and you know I’m never gonna fall back, I will push attack
I’m stackin’ money like a fat cat,
You better believe that
Slackin’ is for the weak, and I won’t be that

I won’t be that dude
That’s why I spit the truth when I’m inside the booth
I’m here to inspire the youth, that’s what I’m gonna do
This right here is the new school!

I’m the leader, call me Yoda
Better than a hot day with a cold soda
If you wanna cry, find another shoulder
Cause I’m rolling through you like a big boulder

I’m not slowing down for anybody this year
Time to face my fear, dry away old tears
I’m here if you wanna face me
Gotta get a big eraser to erase me

You can never replace me, wanna bet?
Serve it up, I go like game set
Winnin’ when I’m in it, every time I try
I’m never gonna die, live forever in the sky

Makes no sense, what the hell am I saying?
All I really know is that I’m never playing
Going in hard, from the very start
Never gonna be put in my place by you retards

Now I’m almost done
4 Minute Masterpiece, pretty sure I won
Please homie, challenge me and we’ll see
Who’s the best MC on a killing spree

Guarantee that I will beat you
Eat you, defeat you, not take a beating from you
Like back in school, I’m schooling these fools
Never getting used to clapping tools

Fucking up everybody in my way
Oh hey, okay, you sure you wanna stay?
When I’m slaying these demons, behemoths
Really undefeated and I got my reasons

Not saying I’m the best but I don’t need a vest on my chest
I don’t care if you’re impressed or invested
Better take a breath, ladies say oh yes
When they check my set

Now I’m going in for the end
Pretty sure that I set a new trend
Going Solo like Han, you know
Six months gone, and I reach my goal

UnderRated if you want to go 5 minutes
Then I challenge you cause I wanna see if you can win it
And I promise I will bring it and I’m never gonna sing it
4 minute masterpiece, now we end it

[Verse 1]
A loss is a loss, but when it’s said and done
Losing you is a pain unlike anyone
Or anything I’ve ever felt in my nightmares
I’m all out of tears from facing my worst fears

I lived a life without you before I met you
You dragged me out of hell and all the torture I went through
You tended to my wounds, you made sure I felt safe
Blessed me with your grace, I was whole in your embrace

Looking at your face helped bring me back to life
From the brink of destruction, saw my future in your eyes
I never would have thought that I would come to see the day
When I would wake up in my bed just to see you walk away

We built a life from nothing, now it’s crumbling down
The walls holding me up are coming tumbling to the ground
I’m standing there alone in the ruins of my existence
My life is leaving with you out in the distance

I’ve been down in hell, I can taste the ashes
You saved me from the torment of knowing all my past sins
Your love kept me floating, without you I’m sinking
Down at the bottom of the bottles I’m drinking

You kept me whole, without you I’m broken
You were my oxygen, without you I’m choking
You were the one, you made me better
You are my love, now and forever

[Verse 2]
I still see your face everywhere that I turn to
I knew that I was right when I said I don’t deserve you
But I never thought that it would end like this
I would kill for one more kiss

Give me just a minute, just a second with us
Let me rest my head in your lap, I can’t adjust
To life without you, I just miss being a duo
I don’t know what to do, I can hardly move so

I’m staring at the wall, trying not to break to pieces
But I’m already broken, there is no way to heal this
There is no way to fix this, you’re gone and I can’t take it
My pain was put to sleep, but this really did wake it

It’s worse than before you since I had you and lost you
The love of my life, I don’t know where you’ve gone to
I have no fight in me, can’t put up a resistance
Ever since I lost you, you’re gone in the distance


[Verse 3]
Every night I dream of you and me together
My future in your hands, I can’t imagine nothing better
And every morning I wake up to see you’re not there
I’m haunted by your memory, it’s really not fair

How could you just leave me when I needed you the most?
You saved me like an angel, now I’m plagued by your ghost
I’m stuck with no hope and no light in my soul
I’m lonely and I’m cold and I’m losing control

You said we had a future together, what went wrong?
I did my best to give you everything all along
I did my best to show you that I love you every day
And yet it seems that my best wasn’t enough to make you stay

I guess I wasn’t good enough or maybe I just changed
To something that you didn’t want, now all I feel is pain
I guess our love was fleeting, I blinked and I missed it
And now we’re lost in space somewhere out in the distance


It’s time you listen to me
You can sit your fucking ass back down in your seat
I’mma teach you to be humble, I don’t rumble in the streets
And I don’t run in with no gun but I be studying your beats

You can call me PMS cause I be bloodying your sheets
Put a period in your career you mumbling freaks
I may be a vegan but I’ll be having this beef
Deep into your jugular I’ll bury my teeth

I’m starting to get sick of this, your shit is so ridiculous
Believe in what you say? I believe more in Saint Nicholas
Yachty, Xan, all them lil’ faggots fucking blow me
Feed them to the maggots, put them 6ix9ine feet below me

There is nothing you can show me that is worth my time, homie
All you ever do is sound auto-tuned and phony
When I’m all but done with you I promise that you gon’ be
Dying on your tour bus by an overdose and lonely

To be honest, I’m not the one to start shit
But I’m not the one to sit back when you tarnish
The legacy of rappers and all them old artists
That paved the way for you to do your bullshit from the start, bitch

You better show some fucking respect
This is serious, not your kindergarten recess
It’s kind of fitting since all you named Lil’
Because your shit belongs in a diaper, you’re not ill

You little younglings can consider me your teacher
I’m contemplating bodying you, so call a preacher
Get a real musician to write you your eulogy
There ain’t a thing any of you can ever do to me

Don’t you see? I’m not scared of you bastards
Nobody in the world believes that you’re gangsters
And you’re not sick on the mic, I’m sick of you types
You spit what you like and then you thinking you hype

I’m speaking for the culture that you almost killed, bitch
I take it on myself to flick your fucking killswitch
I put a stop to this madness, you can bank on it
If I allowed you to live, you better thank me for it

But I’m not done by a longshot, you ass clowns
I got a crosshair on your heads when you’re in my town
I more than frown on your choppy shit, you cocky pricks
You talked a lotta shit and now I gotta deal with this

I got more energy, more hatred that be left in me
And if you try to charge at me you’ll be left with a hefty fee
There ain’t no stopping when I’m popping off at the mouth
Challenging you wannabe rappers from North to South

I’m laying down an open invitation to all of you
I’m going through everybody like I’m Teabow
Spitting lyrical ammunition, I’m not a G, though

I make your weak ass crumble like a Cheeto
I take you on all at a time, Future is me though
Spraying with my Lil’ Uzi – killing Yung Lean, yo
You bitches better Mosey on fore I get mean, ho

You’re not worth more of my time, you just making noise
You better live up to your name, commit Suicideboys
Don’t feel flattered that you got any attention
Now follow in the footsteps of XXXTentacion

I got my new Nike’s on, I’m walking with a swagger
And if you say swag then I’mma stab you with a dagger
Or hit you with a bat, I’m batshit like Mick Jagger
And that’s it, I’mma practice on this rap shit ’till I stagger

I tip-toe ’round thick blokes wearing big clothes, smoking Indo
Got a big nose snorting coke, I’m in yo’ stereo
I’ve been so fed up with this attitude you’re having
So if you continue, my pen and paper I’m grabbing

I may not be the nicest but I’m also not the meanest
I’m going more insane than the bastard Charlie Sheen is
Two and a half men to put me in a straitjacket
And if I see a mumble rap track I’mma attack it

I don’t need any drugs for me to lose my sanity
It’s neither a catastrophe nor a big calamity
If you’re not a fan of me then you may need a brain scan
‘Cause I do shit every day your favorite rapper can’t

I spit bars so hot that the firefighters hate me
I fight fire with fire and you can never break me
They tell me to tone it down but that shit just ain’t me
It’s getting on my last nerve, you morons are my pet peeve

Taking you down, I’m just clowning around
I’m about to take over the entire town

Ain’t no stopping me when I’m getting in my zone
And unlike your girl I work better alone
You stumble on your bars while I stumble out of bars
In broad daylight, I’m just smashing into cars

One shot too many of whiskey then Henney
Rhymes I got plenty like rich men with Bentley’s
Homie don’t tempt me to smash your career
‘Cause I am that demon the boogeyman fears

I am that devil that Satan wish to be
You can have ten feet and never step to me
Ain’t no elevator that can take you to my level
‘Cause there ain’t nobody greater, I am the ultimate rebel

I am getting sick and tired of people being admired
I am building my empire overshadowing you giants
Slaying all the titans and beheading all the tyrants
I tower over all of you, you better be silent

So fuck you and your feelings and the brain where you keep them
Throw you off a bridge, all of you will meet a steep end
I’ll dance on your gravestone, put an axe in your casket
I’m done with you faggots, I’ve had it, now that’s it

[Verse 1]
We fight and make up, it just keeps going on
It’s like we’re loving the pain, no matter if it’s wrong
I guess, and I must confess when it’s said and done
That I know better now, but I just won’t run

It’s destructive as hell, but that’s what keeps me
From leaving you so many times, saying that you need me
But you just let me take it and then let be
Struggling with our relationship, baby I guess we

Need some time alone, but I can’t seem to
Leave you by your lonely, because I really need you
But I can’t stand you and be honest, you hate me
Following you around, why don’t you get rid of me?

We’re caught up in this Shakespearean frenzy
Can’t fucking take it, but it seems like we’re meant to be
You’re killing me, and I swear to god I’ll kill you
Cause no matter how much I hate you, we’ll never be through

The thoughts are sleeping, your thoughts are needed
I cannot breathe in here at all
I’m isolated, constant spaceless
And we know our frames will fall off the wall

[Verse 2]
Again I wake up, but this time it’s different
See you packing up your bags, tell me you’re leaving, and
I was sleeping in, we screamed last night again
Said some things to hurt one another, it don’t mean a thing

I throw your bags at the wall, baby you can’t go
I won’t allow it for a second, the answer is no
We need to work this out, because if we don’t
Imma go insane without you, I need you to be whole

You’re like the Lois to my Clark Kent, I’ll be damned
You’re like my kryptonite, still, I’m your Superman
And so you see, you can’t leave, I won’t be
Just another human on this earth because you left me

Don’t fucking slap me again, you need to calm down
I’m losing my temper, and this is the last round
Both have had enough, now we’re standing our ground
One of us ain’t leaving alive, let’s see who fucking won

If I can’t be with you, I won’t go on without you
You ain’t gonna be with nobody else, I won’t let you
I’ll tear your fucking heart out before I take flight
End my fucking life, cause without you I got no light

The thoughts are sleeping, your thoughts are needed
I cannot breathe in here at all
I’m isolated, constant spaceless
And we know our frames will fall off the wall

Freedom x4

[Verse 1]
Så länge som jag kan minnas så är det här
Det enda som jag ville göra, musiken den gör mig kär
Den ger mig frihet att spendera all min tid
På det som gör mig lycklig så att jag kan vara fri

Inte ruttna bort på något jobb där någon annan
Bestämmer värdet på min tid, lönen gör detsamma
Behåll du dina pengar, jag skaffar mina egna
Sliter i min studio, på scenen jag prestera’

Så låt mig ta en sekund att presentera
Mannen bakom micken så du fattar vad jag menar
När jag säger att jag är den som kommer att leverera
Det du kommer lyssna på i år och många flera

Har aldrig spelat in på mitt modersmål förr
Men nu är det dags för mig att sparka in den dörr
Som hållit mig ute i snart tio år
För alla som jag nu kör över fälls ingen tår

Freedom x4

[Verse 2]
Svensk publik vill ha svensk musik
Helst tungt gung och skön lyrik
Därför är det dags att jag visar vad jag går för
Ge mig mikrofonen, se och lär och hör

Vi har inte haft en svensk rappare sen Afasi
Med texter värda pappret som de skrivs ner i
Bara massa gatan snack och ganja ganja
Verkar som att de dummar ner varandra

Minns ni den tiden då texterna var tydliga?
Minns ni de dagar som rappare var fyndiga?
För jag kommer ihåg Fjärde Världen och Fattaru
Markoolio var bättre än det som spelas nu

Därför är det dags för mig att komma hem igen
Spela in på svenska som en vanlig svenne men
Inte någon Eminem i lilla landet lagom
Spelar ingen roll hur mycket som ni ser er om

Jag vill bara visa att vi kan gå tillbaka
Till rappens glansdagar som vi alla saknar
Det är dags att vakna, vi har slumrat länge nog
Fattar inte att det så här lång tid tog

Innan någon klev upp och tog lite ansvar
Var har jag befunnit mig i alla era dar?
Jag har sökt lyckans lott över havet
Men nu är jag här och det är nog bra, det

Vi är i behov av en renässans
Säg vart kan vi finna den någonstans?
Leta inte längre, jag tog med den hem
I resväskan fanns det gott om plats för den

Så nu är jag här, tacka mig senare
När jag gjort hela scenen lite renare
Rensat bort skräpet, allt undansköljs
Vilka kommer vara kvar när ribban nu höjs?

Freedom x12

[Verse 1]
I’ve been to places darker than the black holes
I’ve been running from the devil, I don’t mean Colson
I’ve been dependent on chemicals to keep going
I was devoid of my soul, and I was never knowing

If I was able to pull myself up and trudge on
The ground I stood upon was crumbling all along
And I was left alone in the ruins of my home
Acted like a drone, couldn’t step outta my zone

I was only fourteen but I had seen the losses
Of many people close to me, I’ve seen too many crosses
Covering caskets, I’m crying like a faucet
So many tears my eyes float out of their sockets

It wouldn’t slow down, I couldn’t stop it
Standing on the ledge, my body was close to dropping
Then I heard a voice in my head saying it’s not it,
This is not your time, son, rise above the nonsense!

[Chorus x2]
Keep your head up high, and always rise up
Stand tall, my friend, you never give up
Come hell or high water, we can do this
Whatever life throughs at us, we’ll get through this

[Verse 2]
It’s been a long road, a long way to recovery
And I am not there yet, this still isn’t fully me
See, when you’re digging deep you find out that underneath
You’re layered like an onion, so even when you face defeat

There are sides of you the demons couldn’t reach
And there are things about you that nobody could teach
We’re all the same yet different personalities
Pages of a different book but still in the same library

I was a broken child faced with my mortality
I wasn’t giving up, the world was giving up on me
That’s what I felt at the time, but I was wrong, you see
The world was giving me all kinds of opportunities

But I just couldn’t see outside of my fugazi
Blinded to the goodness that constantly surrounds me
I guess that’s depression, and though it still haunts me
I won’t let it get to me again, so get off me!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 02:22]
Look, I know that this got really cheesy
I didn’t mean for this little tale to get so sleazy
But if you’re struggling to hold on, gotta believe me
I know the world is scary, but it’s better than we see

When I was down I know that you could never reach me
But now I’m reaching out to you all so please be
Open to the fact that there’s somebody who does see
And does know what you’re going through, and it’s not easy

Just know you’re not alone, you’re standing there with me
And millions of people struggling to feel free
To get over their fears and insecurities
To have an honest smile and truly feel happy

I don’t know you, I don’t know your story
But I know the pain that you feel, and it’s gory
Let me help you carry the load, like we’re family
Tell me what burdens you, so you can finally heal

[Chorus x2]

In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost
I pray to get some answers, I need the most
You left me out in the dark, I feel no hope
I used to turn to you when I felt the tightening rope

I used to live in your light, now I’m alone and broke
I’m screaming at the walls, I just can’t cope
I can’t go on without you, I sit and choke
The fire turned to ash, all that’s left is smoke

[Verse 1]
Waking up from a bad dream
Stumble to the kitchen, my momma got a cup of tea,
But I can’t see,
What the hell is going on with me?

She look at me like I’m Jesus
Boy, you better believe us
But the Lord can’t please us
Faith is a sin now, you better release us

From church on Sunday,
And school on Monday
But I pray that one day
I’ll be relieved of the pain that’s mundane

Couldn’t stay with one dame
So my dad went rogue, it’s insane
And I say to myself I won’t be the same
But I can’t commit, I can’t be tamed

So I get on my knees by my bed
Tryna get all these thoughts out my head
Gotta get a clear mind before I go dead
Getting all the prayers out, no matter what I said

Even if I don’t believe in a God
Even though I think it’s all a facade
I look to the sky, still hope for a sign
Tell me I’m wrong, say you ain’t lying!

I need you, Lord, to walk by my side
Gave up a long time ago, that’s why
I haven’t been in touch with you for a while
But that don’t mean that I’m feeling fine

There’s a knock on my door
Haven’t heard it before
I’m afraid of the raven


[Verse 2]
Grew up as a Christian
So I’m still hoping and wishin’
When I pray that someone’s listenin’
But I don’t even hear him hissin’!

Are you taking the piss, man?
Or am I a piss ant?
I’m pissed and feeling deceived, can
You tell me that I’m part of your plan?

But I feel like you left me
Stranded, abandoned
Didn’t think that I’d be
Taken for granted

By the higher power that I
Put all my faith and hope into, you
Better pray for yourself, lord
If there’s a day when I’m coming to you

Better meet me at the gates
Show me around your sacred place
Lie to me, tell me it’s all great
Fill my head of your so-called faith

Show me the holy bunch of bologna
Find you a phony preacher to blow me
Scolded and lonely, teach me the only
Way to salvation, hatred won’t hold me

But I’ve been through hell, I made it out
Whatever you say, I’ll still have my doubts
So show me proof, what you’re all about
Or leave me alone, remove your shroud


[Verse 1 – Xersize]
I know I haven’t always been the best friend, and
Not sticking around and waiting for the ending
I’ve jumped ship more times than I can count
But I don’t wanna be about kicking you while you shout

I wanna be there to help the people in my life
While still walking my own path towards the light
But it’s a difficult thing to combine
Like mixing Vanilla Coke with fine summer wine

I know I’ve let you down, turned your smiles into frown
Don’t how why, or when or how but I wanna make it up somehow
I helped destroy the things I’ll try to rebuild
And I won’t stop until your wishes are fulfilled

Please forgive me, I wanna try to change my ways
I know I’ve put you through some bad, but now I’m heading for better days
If you stick with me, and give me just another try
I’ll erase the pain I caused and lift you up to the sky

[Chorus x2 – Chalie Reefah]
So sorry for the things I’ve done
That I’m not always around

[Verse 2 – Xersize]
I ain’t gonna lie, some of you deserved
Exactly what you got, I know it sounds absurd, but
I believe in an eye for an eye,
But I don’t know why I didn’t try and talk it out first

I felt bloodthirst, I guess, lusting for revenge
Angry, hence not comprehending feelings of friends
That always stuck by me through all the bullshit
All the drama filled my mind, I started feeling sick

Sick of everything, everyone and every place
Every scenario and every over used phrase
With a taste for disaster in my past
I let it spill out onto the people that I though would last

Looking back on what I did, I feel terrible
All the things I did to y’all, how the hell did you
Forgive me for my sins and stay my friends?
I promise I won’t mess up again, I learned my lesson

[Chorus x2 – Chalie Reefah]

[Chorus – Elle]
I got my eyes on the sky
I see my future in golden lights
I’m never gonna give up
Stomping like thunder in the sky, I’ll be here ’till the day I die

[Verse 1 – 1Ton]
About my business, so I studied like a Harvard student
And when I’m writing lyrics, always put my heart into it
Got verses fluent in the ways of making party music
With songs deep enough to elevate or spark a movement

I had to do it, it’s all part of me
Puffing drough, politics, the world economy
Survival of the fittest, keep the pigs up off of me
Still doing drugs and tryna get a bitch on top of me

Independent living, always had our own vision
Loyal to the soil, focus on the whole mission
I should be sitting in the prison for the shit I’ve witnessed
I could be dead, but I’m living out my dreams and wishes

Listen close, every time I speak, I drop a gem
Give me the mic with any crowd that I’m rocking in
So if you call my celly, nigga best be talking bread
And tune in, I party hard, like I’m walking dead

[Chorus – Elle]
I got my eyes on the sky
I see my future in golden lights
I’m never gonna give up
Stomping like thunder in the sky, I’ll be here ’till the day I die

[Verse 2 – UnderRated]
I had a dream, making it big from a small town
Nobody thought that it could happen, but look at me now
These major labels chew you up and then they spit you out
I love the underground, I never stop, we put it down

No doubt, I’m making them freeze when they hear me
Clearly the freshest, all the people gon’ feel me
Time is of the essence, I’m blessed to stay in the present
Independent with the rap fetish, ain’t no pretending

When I’m killing the microphone, there ain’t no feeling better
I never let up, I keep my head up, staying front and center
I’m always on a mission, I’m living, fuck repetition
Me and my team don’t play around, there ain’t no competition

So when you see me at the show, just know we paid our dues
Fuck being normal, stepping out the box and breaking rules
They try to stop me, cross a hater, always shake them fools
And when you’re doing what you love, there ain’t no way to lose

[Chorus – Elle]
I got my eyes on the sky
I see my future in golden lights
I’m never gonna give up
Stomping like thunder in the sky, I’ll be here ’till the day I die

[Verse 3 – Xersize]
So I’ve been told I been living on the edge
Almost given up so many times, I can’t comprehend
Where I will be in the end, but without my friends
I can’t even go nowhere at all, I need to make amends

Rappers nowadays, message that they send
Make the younger generation feel like they can’t defend
Themselves without a gimmick that they mimmick
Tryna make a living, wanna make it big, I start to feel sick

This game is nasty, I wanna lay it past me
But when I blast the music that’s just magic
I feel I need to have it, but when I grab it
It’s slipping through my fingers, all the time – damn it

The underground is where I need to be
It’s where I feel free, fuck a major label, independent’s real
So I’m just being me, what you get is what you see
Nothing that is worth anything comes easy

[Chorus – Elle]
I got my eyes on the sky
I see my future in golden lights
I’m never gonna give up
Stomping like thunder in the sky, I’ll be here ’till the day I die

Gave you my money
Gave you my soul
Still I keep losing
Feels like I’m losing control

Losing control now
Losing control
Losing control now
Losing control

[Verse 1]
I’ve been on the back burner
Treading water, I wasn’t going any further
I promised ya’ll an album about five years ago
But I’ve been stuck in a loop where I had no control

Been bouncing back and forth between different producers
Quickly losing my patience when working with these losers
They’ve been using me for royalties, they took advantage
But now I put the pedal to the metal, I’m advancing

Now I don’t need them but they probably need me
But see, I be free so what you get is what you see
Removed the shackles and chains so I can be me
No more misterdowhatI’mtold, I know what you can eat

No more write that, say so or do this
No more auto tune, pop beats or radio hits
It’s time I do what I should’ve done years ago
Put my middle fingers up and take control


[Verse 2]
You can’t be independent and still be depending on’em
Now I’m standing on my own two feet, to hell with all’em
You know who you are, I’m not gonna spell it out
You’re lucky I’m not coming after you for real to sort this out

We started in the game together, but wanted different things
I though we had the same vision but we had seperate dreams
You wanted money and fame, I wanted to be free
Spend my time doing what I love and just to be me

You see I’m not some fame seeking wannabe
I don’t really give a damn if people even know me
All I wanted was the privilege to make music
But you saw the fire in my soul and tried to use it

You abused it, ran me straight into the ground
But now I’ve come to my senses and finally thinking sound
So turn the volume up, sit back and relax
Or watch me take this baseboll bat to smash your kneecaps

It’s time for me to blow up, I’ve waited long enough
No more watching from behind the scenes, never giving up
I may have had it rough, but trust me when I tell you
It’s not anything compared to what I’m gonna do to you

The time is mine, I’m taking the scepter, throne and crown
Pushing you away and throw your asses into the ground
Burn your damn houses down, leave the game in ashes
Silence all who doubted me and kick your fucking asses


[Verse 1]
I got a backpack that’s full of notepads
They’re littered with fat raps and literally that’s that
Got so much time on my hands all I do is write tracks
Tryna ride the wave of rappers that paved the way for that

I shave my head with razor blades like twice a day
You can call me Mr. Clean, my head’s reflecting sun rays
All I ever wanted was to get the attention of Sway
Get me on the Wake Up Show but I just can’t seem to behave

I lock myself in the studio like I’m deranged
Psychiatrists agree about my messed up mental state
I’m tested in so many ways since they blessed me up in Satan’s place
And sentenced me to sit and wait while government decides my fate

I’m tempted to give in to hate but know it’s not productive
Like all the frickin’ times promoters tried to duck me
So I snuck myself inside the venue, grabbed the mic and rocked it
Blessed the crowd with Martin, now I’m the one they’re stuck with

Never was the kind of guy you would be afraid of
But I was always running schemes like I’m Bernie Madoff
Now it’s time it paid of, my career will take off
You’re sitting in the bleachers, I’m winning the playoffs

Teachers tried to teach me to be a better student
Preachers tried to preach too but they are just assuming
That I’m over here fuming, but while you’re busy snoozing
I’m taking all your cash because X is never losing

[Verse 2]
I got a lot to say but not a lot of time to waste
My mind used to be filled with hate but inspiration took its place
They ask me why I feel this way but I don’t know the answer
So now I face an inner struggle like I’m facing cancer

I used to prance around like a little know-it-all
So much so the principal said I needed Adderall
Maybe I need to calm down, sit back and relax
Be a good boy, get a job and pay my tax

But never was I any good at being an employee
Went to many interviews but no one would employ me
What good would a boy be if they can not control me?
So I let them enjoy me while I’m being annoying

And so you see, this is what I have to do
For everyone to pay attention to this little Jew
I’ll hava my nagila, drink my Manischewitz wine
And draw the line from rhyme to rhyme like it was my damn time

[Chorus] x2

I just need to work right now (right now)
Bottom’s up, bottom’s up ’cause I’m feeling kinda hurt right now (don’t judge me)
A hundred problems on my mind, I’ve been staying up way too late (no sleep)
Say a prayer, say a prayer I just need a little hope right now (right now)
I’m feeling real low right now (right now)

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I’m feeling like I’m just a disappointment
I’m disappointing everyone around me like a poison
My baggage they be dragging, on their shoulders they be hoisting
All my broken promises and dreams and bad emotions

I’m not a product of poverty but a part of me
Is broke and broken partially like I got a lobotomy
And so I oughta be given what they all promised me
But to put it bluntly you never even acknowledged me

I’ve been right in your faces since day one
Writing all of my songs so I can right my wrongs
I scream on top of my lungs
Beginning on day one they never putting me on

I used to feel like I could move mountains
But now I’m buried in rocks, my heart’s pounding
I wanna come up with something so astounding
But I’m surrounded by doubt like I’m drowning


[Verse 2]
I’ve been lower than the deep sea creatures
Scraping the bottom of the barrel to get features
Feeling like I’m watching everybody from the bleachers
Until my former students evolving into the teachers

Didn’t really see that I was digging even deeper
The hill I tried to climb was steadily getting steeper
Tried my best to be my brother’s keeper
But then they stabbed a knife into my back like I was Cesar

Cease and desist with stupidity and bliss
Getting kinda pissed when I’m feeling that I missed
Every opportunity to do this
All I really need is a frickin’ catalyst

You know what? I’m done with the waiting
No more standing in line, now I’m taking
What is owed to me by the game I’m in
I’m not playing for fun anymore, I’m here to win

I just need to work right now
In my feelings, in my feelings I don’t wanna put in work right now
I need a healing, need a healing but don’t wanna go to church right now
You say you love me but you wanna drag my name through the dirt right now
I guess I ain’t worth right now


[Verse 1]
Say what you will but I’m coming for the kill
I’m always on the move, I’m never standing still
Taking everybody I consider competition
Then I put’em in the body bag and giving you the thrill

Ain’t nobody better, you can put me to the test
Beating everybody while I’m beating on my chest
Listen to the beat and to the lyrics and the rest
You must be an idiot if you’re not impressed

Wait, let me slow it down
Take a little break from the stress of the town
Take it real easy, these MC’s frown
When they see me make hits better than Chris Brown

Beating you bitches senseless then it’s
Of to the ATL making friends, yes
Making a hit with Kato, they know
I’m gonna blow and steal the show

Ain’t no other way that this could ever go
You better Google me so you know
I bring the competition with a great damn flow
Think it’ll be my end? Hell no

You better think again if you think that
I give a damn about how you pack stacks
If you come at me with them lame ass whack raps
I’mma attack like Bush did Iraq

Hit’em from the front, from the side, from the back
Take a little time to reload then BRRACK
Taking no captives, murder beats, that’s it
Matter of fact is I’m like an addict

This is my addiction, killing competition
This is my life, I don’t write fiction
This ain’t no Twilight shit, I don’t glisten
But I’ll take your livelihood, that’s my mission

I’m aiming at the top, homie, you can never stop me
I’m not on a label so nobody can drop me
This is hip hop, G, you can call me cocky
But if you wanna knock me I’ll beat your ass like Rocky

People tryna put me down ever since day one
Look at where I’m at, can you really say that they won?
I’m the hottest thing coming up from under the sun
Hotter than a pair of twin sisters, even more fun

[Verse 2]
Better take notes when you see what I do
When I do what I do when I’m schooling you fools
The cannon is loose and the screws are too
That doesn’t mean there’s no room to improve

There’s always gonna be someone better than you
Hi! I’m him, how do you do?
Martin’s the name, rapping’s my tool
But you can call me Ice cause I’m just that cool

Pedal to the metal, got more gas than a Nazi
Playing everybody like a game of Yahtzee
Don’t be offended it’s just a rap song
Matter of fact, let’s all sing along

Let’s have some fun, this beat is magic
All you other rappers make me sick
Playing the game with your gangsta schtick
Not even saying words anymore, you prick

Screw you, punk, and fuck your couch
Ya’ll turning me into Oscar the Grouch
You getting me pissed with your lame ass lyrics
It’s like you kids not even being serious

Would you at least stop mumbling, please
Articulate what you’re saying, geez
It’s just a word, what is your beef
With being understood in your songs, you queef

I’m about to turn your fans into haters
When I leave you dead on the side of the pavement
Collecting my checks and your tears as payment
But that’s it for me, I’m out, see you later

I’m off to Atlanta to hang with Kato
Building my kingdom through your stereo
Turn it up, man, there we go
No Sucka’s up in this, yeah, they know


[Verse 1]
Jag tror inte riktigt att du förstår
Vad som händer när jag ser att du går
Lämnar mig ensam, kall, rädd och liten
Fast i en verklighet som gör att jag blir sliten

Det må va’ klyschigt men du var solen på himlen
Färgerna i världens gråa hörn, lugnet i vimlen
Tryggheten i din famn fick mig att hålla samman
När jag gick sönder inombords, och ingen annan

Kan göra vad du gjorde med mig, och det är skrämmande
Jag vet inte vad jag ska göra sen du lämnade
Mat har tappat smaken, elden är knappt en gnista
Med dig kunde jag bära men nu så lär det brista

Att mista sin bästa vän blir aldrig något enklare
Och du är inte som nån’ annan, vill inte tänka det
Det är för mycket smärta för mig att kunna hantera
Jag får aldrig nånsin nog av dig, jag vill ha mera

Men jag vet att det var mitt fel, skulden är på mig
Jag kunde inte vara tillräcklig för dig
Jag önskar att jag kunde ha varit den du förtjänade
För jag vill ha dig tillbaka, om oss jag värnade

Du kanske inte tror mig men du var allting jag ville ha
I slutet på var dag så vill jag vara du och jag

If I had my way
I’d turn back the time so you won’t leave
I’d show the world how much you mean to me
I promise I would treat you differently

If I had my way
Just tell me you would stay

Just tell me you would stay

[Verse 2]
Tio tusen gula rosor är inte nog
Hade jag kunnat så hade jag fyllt varenda skog
Och tomheten du lämnade, det känns som att jag dog
Framtiden vi byggde gick sönder i varje fog

Och jag kan inte klandra dig, du stanna’ vid min sida
Trots alla de gånger som jag fick dig att lida
Och trots alla de bråk som kändes som pest och pina
Tog du dig ann de problem som egentligen var mina

Du gjorde mer för mig än vad jag nånsin kunnat be dig om
Kärleken du gav fick mig att ta mig genom
De tuffaste av stunder, allt tack vare dig
Du var det bästa som nånsin kunnat hända mig

Och jag vill att du vet att trots allting som hände
Så älskar jag dig och det var allt jag nånsin kände


I’d turn back the time so you won’t leave
I’d show the world how much you mean to me
I promise I would treat you differently
If I had my way

Just tell me you would stay

[Verse 1]
This is fantastic, I’m living off of rapping
All the years have paid off from me working like an addict
Been stuck up in my attic like I’m a damn fanatic
Making up rhymes has become my strongest habit

Look, it’s been a long time coming for me doing this
Everything I’ve done and still people think I’m new to this
But I’ve been in it for more than a decade, I am used to this
You can try to put me down but I’m not close to through with this

I’m charging in headfirst without a helmet on
I’m so god damned fast you call me Ramadan
Salam salam, I turn the microphone on
Lyrics that offend God so it’s really haram

Father forgive for slaying my opponents
But I’ve been nice for long enough, now it’s my moment
I’m taking what they owing, wherever I am going
I’m coming in first place, just so you’re knowing

[Verse 2]
Look at that, the kid is all grown up
Yeah you know it, it’s because I never once gave up
I’ve had producers rip me off, rappers tryna steal my songs
Bookers underpaying me because we didn’t get along

Not to mention the quote-unquote “label”
Back in Massachusetts who said I seemed able
To put them on the map, but they were all fables
They were all too busy doing drugs to be capable

Still it seemed inevitable that I would blow
I’ve been working too hard, got nowhere else to go
I’m aiming for the god damn top, not gonna stop
Once I reach the peak I guarantee I won’t drop

And so you see, this is not the end of me
On the contrary, I’ve been waiting patiently
To show you all the beast in me, not the gentle me
He is dead and gone, say hello to your worst enemy

This is what you feared, isn’t it, buddy boy?
That I would come along and play you like a toy
I’ve been good and quiet for too long, now I’m stepping in
Taking over everything, and I am just beginning

[Verse 3]
So now the time has come to crown a new master
Bow down to your God or I will bring on you disaster
I’ve been plotting in the shadows for fifteen years
From teen to a man but the dream is still here

Better face the fact that I’m here to make an impact
Shake the game so badly we can never go back
Take us in a new direction away from all the crap
To everyone who doubted me I’ll give a taste of that

Smack you in the face with the sound of every track
Seep into your system and make you feel jacked
Give you what you’ve longed for for so long, now that’s
How Xersize do it, I’m everything you lack

[Verse 1]
Jag vaknar upp utan solen i ögonen
Mitt i natten, drömmar jagar mig igen
Försöker vara hel och hålla mig i skinnet
Försöker få ditt ansikte raderat från mitt minne

Aldrig får jag andas ut och varva ner i sinnet
Luta mig tillbaka, inte lida men det brinner
Trodde inte att du var som alla andra kvinnor
Trodde inte att du skulle krossa mig, jag hinner

Inte samla mig, försöker må bra
Försöker stå på de ben som jag har
Samla den kraft som jag ger och du tar
Men jag ser att nu snart så är det uppenbart

Att du inte brydde dig det minsta lilla
Egoist och narcissist, du får mig att må illa
Spinner ur kontroll men jag försöker att stå stilla
När du fick mig att mina hemligheter spilla

Det är du som är skyldig till det
Monster jag blev så jag vill att du vet
Vill att du ser vad du skapade med
Allting som du gjorde när du bröt varenda ed

Trodde aldrig att jag skulle bli den
Som du svek, men återigen
Sitter jag här på kanten av en avgrund
Från den relation som jag trodde var sund

[Chorus x2]
(Kan du) Se vad du har gjort mot
(Mig nu) Du och dina tomma ord
(Den du) Trodde att jag var
(Dog när) Du lämna’ mig kvar

(Jag är) Inte den jag en gång var
(Fylld av) Ärren ifrån våra dar’
(Borde) Inte stannat kvar
(Så jag) Tar tillbaka det jag gav

[Verse 2]
Kan inte andas, känns som att luften
Töms ur mina lungor, trodde du var just den
Som jag behövde, jag trodde du var drömmen
Men du blev en mardröm insvept i lögnen

Jag minns när du sa att du aldrig skulle såra mig
Minns när du la dig i sängen där bredvid mig
Minns när du lova’ att du inte skulle lämna mig
Och minns när du gick ifrån vårt hem som jag gav till dig

Du visste om mina rädslor och sår
Jag blottade mig för dig i alla år
Visade ärren jag bar på sen jag var barn
Och du sa att du skulle läka dom, men det var

Bara tomma ord, spel för galleriet
Lekte med mig, förneka det men vi vet
Båda vad som hände och synden du bär på
Men du kommer få det du förtjänar, det svär jag på

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 1 – Xersize]
I know that I can get on your nerves
And you’re more than I deserve
But I think that it’s time that you heard
What I really feel about you so I put it into words

Look, it’s not easy for me
To be everything you deserve that I be
And it’s hurting in me when you hurt and I see
That I can’t take away all the pain that you feel

Truth is when you came in my life
I was a mess full of stress and strife
Then my days and nights turned blessed with your presence
You’re more than my girlfriend, you’re my best friend

My real future begins and ends
With you by my side, my life’s in your hands
You are the center of all my plans
A love like ours I won’t leave to chance

So this is my way of saying
What I’ve felt since the very first day, and
The first time you held me in loving embrace
I knew that with you I’d spend my days

I solemnly swear I’m up to good things
You’re my girl on fire with angel wings
You’re the love that I’ve looked for, my heart and soul
You’re my reason for being, I need nothing more

[Chorus – Carla]
Ten thousand yellow roses will never be enough
One million stars above us won’t be bright enough
I’ll stand by your side even when it gets rough
Ten thousand yellow roses – I’ll never give you up

[Verse 2 – Xersize]
Listen, let me be real for a second
I wanna say I’m sorry so I don’t go and wreck it
I can be cranky, but it shouldn’t spill out
On you or us, that’s not what I’m about

You deserve better than me acting like a baby
From now on I’ll do better, then maybe
We can build that house together and go crazy
Out on the countryside, let’s be hasty

I don’t wanna waste any more time
I don’t wanna sleep without you another night
I don’t wanna awake to the sun shining bright
If I don’t see your face in bed next to mine

When I’m old and gray I don’t wanna say
That I lost you because I couldn’t behave
I would go through hell again every day
If it means I can be with you, then I’m okay

You’re the love of my life, there’s no doubt in my mind
This is true love, the best I could find
The one that I want, you’re the one that I need
My reason for being, the air that I breath

Remember when I said I would write you a song?
I’m sorry if it took a little too long
But you deserve the best and so I aim to be
The one who makes you happy, like you are to me

[Chorus x2 – Carla]