Xersize, a Swedish rap artist, is renowned for his unwavering passion for music. His creative drive, influenced by notable artists like Eminem and NF, has been a transformative force behind his remarkable achievements.

When reflecting on his personal connection to music, one cannot overlook its therapeutic impact. Xersize openly shares, “I battled deep depression and anxiety for 14 years. Much of my music stems from the emotions I experienced during that period,” emphasizing how his art draws from the depths of his inner struggles.

From a young age, Xersize established a profound affinity for music, writing his first song at the tender age of 8. Recounting his earliest musical memories, he vividly describes, “Ever since I was a little child, I felt an intense bond with music. At just 6 years old, I would stand on my bed, imagining myself on stage, lip-syncing to my favorite songs.”

Prior to his breakthrough, the rapper collaborated with the Worcester-based rap collective Hytown Records, making appearances on various mixtapes and contributing to the song “An Empty Venue With 2 Broken Microphones” by American rapper B’LoCo. In 2018, he unveiled his debut EP, titled “Before Massachusetts,” which featured a collaborative effort with the US rap duo Potluck.

Xersize’s career soared with the release of his eponymous debut album, “Xersize,” in 2019, followed by his second album, “Välkommen Hem,” in 2020.

After featuring on the song “Jaded Eyes” by the metal band Writing The Future, he has also been seen performing the song with them during their live shows, and even being the opening act for them, showing his willingness to work outside the boundaries of his own genre.

In 2023, Xersize’s career took another interesting turn when he collaborated with Madeleine Liljestam, the female lead singer of symphonic metal band Eleine, on his song “Scars”. The song garnered positive reviews and reactions, and was followed up with a heartbreaking music video.

In 2021, the talented rapper signed with Rexius Records, an independent record label based in Gothenburg. Since then, he has released multiple captivating tracks under their banner, further solidifying his position in the music industry.