Xersize is an independent Swedish rapper and mixing engineer born in 1991. From an early age, he knew music is what he wanted to do, even writing his first song at the age of 8 and performing for the first time in front of his school when graduating eight grade. In 2010 he got in contact with producers Illegal and Ivan after he came in second place at a local music competition, and the three of them started working closely together. He put out a few singles on YouTube and Soundcloud and performed live around Sweden, even opening up for some of the biggest names in Swedish rap (including Dogge Doggelito, Swingfly, Kartellen, Lazee, etc) before getting some international attention with his song 4 Minute Masterpiece.

Xersize worked with an independent rap collective based out of Worcester, MA (US) named HyTown Records for a few years after the head of HyTown noticed him. Through HyTown, Xersize appeared on an album by B’LoCo (US), featuring on a song called An Empty Venue With 2 Broken Microphones and some mixtapes released by HyTown Records that also featured artists like Royce Da 5”9′ and Bizarre. In 2016 Xersize decided to end his collaboration with HyTown Records due to creative differences.

He released his debut EP in 2018, called Before Massachusetts, which included a song with American rap duo Potluck. Xersize got in contact with UnderRated after he heard 4 Minute Masterpiece and got impressed by it, and offered to produce a song for Xersize featuring the duo. He also got internet sensation and comedian MK (well known from his series MK Loves) to perform a skit on the mixtape.

The very next year, Xersize released his debut album (simply titled Xersize) and it garnered over 4.000 streams on Spotify alone in just one week. He released his second album in October 2020, which is his first album in Swedish, and also featured on the song Jaded Eyes by Swedish metal band Writing The Future in November of the same year.